L’Antr’Aidant’s mission is to improve the living conditions of informal caregivers of sick, vulnerable, and/or elderly adults living with physical and/or cognitive loss of autonomy by:

  • Providing a welcoming space where informal caregivers can obtain information, referrals, support, and guidance in the uniqueness of their situation;
  • Offering listening and suggesting ways to break the isolation of informal caregivers;
  • Sharing and enhancing the knowledge and skills of informal caregivers through awareness-raising and training activities;
  • Encouraging and supporting the participation of informal caregivers in the organization’s mission and decision-making;
  • Promoting mutual aid and support among informal caregivers and encouraging the recruitment of volunteers;
  • Raising awareness among healthcare and social services professionals, public authorities, and the general population about the reality of informal caregivers.

Our vision is to become an essential partner and leader in supporting informal caregiving for adults and seniors in Quebec. Antr’Aidant articulates its mission and activities around five core values: courage, kindness, solidarity, creativity, and empowerment.

The services offered by L’Antr’Aidant:

  • Psychosocial helpline
  • Personalized and localized psychosocial support
  • Weekly support groups (permanent and open)
  • Virtual support groups (Clic.Aidant)
  • Caregiver coaching
  • Training sessions
  • Conferences and awareness activities
  • #SolidairementProcheAidant tools and video capsules.

Since its founding, this regional organization has been recognized as a pioneer in terms of local support, the development of innovative practices and responses to the many needs of caregivers.

All of the organization’s activities are inspired by an approach that recognizes that caregivers are the experts in their situation.

The Antr’Aidant is therefore committed to valuing and recognizing their role, their freedoms and their skills, while stimulating their potential for self-determination.